This is the working portfolio of Kennedy. He is an American entrepreneur & designer raised on saltwater and gasoline. When he is not working he enjoys riding motorcycles and surfing.

Transit Trainer

Project Description

Transit Trainer is a puzzle web app that helps you learn the NYC MTA subway system.

My Role

  • Designer
  • Front-end Developer

I hacked on Transit Trainer at the Google HTML5 Web App Hackathon. We were able´╗┐ to build a pretty decent app in 5 hours. The web app has a few layers on a canvas. We started with a blank Google Map, then overlaid the MTA subway lines, then overlaid the stops. We use a lot of the features that HTML5 has to offer including some details such as Google Web Fonts.


The Pitch


Let Kennedy know how he can help you with your UX needs. If you want to work together, feel free to email him at