This is the working portfolio of Kennedy. He is an American entrepreneur & designer raised on saltwater and gasoline. When he is not working he enjoys riding motorcycles and surfing.


Project Description

IN is your one-stop resource for all things fun, exciting, and insider into NYC.

My Role

  • Designer
  • Front-end Developer

David Ambrose & Justin Tsang , co-founders of Scoop St., are the men behind this idea. Dave knew what he wanted and he asked me to help him out with this project. I was tasks with building a logo and designing a Tumblr theme. He had a few sketches to put me on the right path and then let me run with it from there. I am excited to be apart of this amazing team. Scoopt St. was acquired by BuyWithMe. BuyWithMe was acquired by Gilt.


I really enjoyed creating this website. We decided to put this site on Tumblr, so I turned the design into a Tumblr theme. The background is an old map of New York City that sets the tone of the entire site.


Dave told me he wanted a badge like logo that would be used across the site with different colors to represent the different categories. You can sorta of see an example of it on the screenshot above. That last post is from the category "The In Spot" and you can see the badge color is orange in the upper right hand corner of the post.


Let Kennedy know how he can help you with your UX needs. If you want to work together, feel free to email him at