This is the working portfolio of Kennedy. He is an American entrepreneur & designer raised on saltwater and gasoline. When he is not working he enjoys riding motorcycles and surfing.


Hitlist reached out to us to help redesign their website. The company is ran by the brilliant Gillian Morris. She knew excastly what she wanted and was a blast to work with. Hitlist's mission is to help you travel more for less. Their intelligent filters help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences and budget.


The crew at Hitlist pretty much knew what they wanted. It started off as a request for a one pager. We ended up breaking it up into two sections are we wanted the home page to focus on acquiring users. Our sketches were pretty simple and straight forward. Sometimes it's best not to over complicate things when you don't have to. This was our first pass at the design.

Version 1


We ended up splitting the site into two section which also help create a base for a global navigation. The home page goal is to increase the number of downloads, we have three primary ways of helping the customer. iPhone button, Android Button, and text to download. We used Branch to give the customers the ability to text themselves the link to the app.

About Us


Something about the logo was off to me. The airplanes always looked like they were returning from the runway to the tarmac. My suggestions were that their planes should face the opposite direction as if they are about to take off to go to all four corners of the world. The idea was suggested, but nothing beyond that.




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