This is the working portfolio of Kennedy. He is an American entrepreneur & designer raised on saltwater and gasoline. When he is not working he enjoys riding motorcycles and surfing.


Circly will help you, your friends, and family lower your risk of breast cancer. Tell us a little about yourself so we can understand what your risks are.

With some friends we built Circly at the Code vs. Cancer hackathon. Big thnks to gyro for hosting this hackathon. Not only did we have a great time, but we won first place and took home a $10,000 cash prize thanks to JPMorgan Chase & Co. The goal of what we were trying to do was provoke a reaction to help share how important getting a breast exam is.


This was our landing page for the website.


The idea behind this was to collect your information along the way. We ended up building a pretty extensive website built in Python. The site would allow you to login, enter in your info, and invite your loved ones. One you did this you had a circle of trust that would relied on each other to ensure they were taking care of each other.


We testest our idea on my mom. I sent her a quick nip pic to see what kind of reaction I would get out of her. To my suprize she was not even phased and actually thanked me.




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